Metal Buildings: Welded vs Bolted

Lueg Shop Scissor Lift

Bolt up buildings are manufactured in a shop under mass production circumstances which allows for mistakes that must be corrected on the job site. This will be an additional cost to the customer. Bolt up buildings only have a connection point that is the circumference of the bolt head or minimal contact between structural beams.

Weld up buildings are custom and built onsite and can be built in any configuration to suit specific needs. Point of contact meaning all points that touch are welded together. This makes the building much stronger. This equates to an engineered wind load that is not even closely comparable to a bolt up building. In most cases you’re paying a mark-up from the company that built essentially a kit verses your contractors wages to build a custom structure. It is very possible that there could be a 12 week wait for manufacturing of these bolt up kit buildings. With custom welded buildings the metal is purchased and delivered to the job site with construction starting immediately. Weld up building using ROI construction has solid rod welded X bracing to maintain strength and stability.

Most bolt up building packages lean toward the least expensive materials and designs. Our custom welded buildings are constructed from wide flange I-beams with heavy gauge perils properly spaced to provide a maximum wind load.

Custom 2,400 metal building with 16′ walls.

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