So You’ve Decided To Move To The Texas Hill Country

Church and bluebonnetsTexas is the shining star. Texas is where you will find friendly compassionate people. Small town atmosphere and Texas culture is alive and well just a short drive to San Antonio or Austin, The Texas Hill Country is the gem of the state . People from all around the nation and the world flock to our laid back town. Our climate is ideal. It is rare to have severe winters and we can brag about less humidity than our brother and sister Texans on the coast. People are often amazed at the rolling hills and expansive land that we call home.  Our community has a long German history when it was settled in 1846. There is always something to do from The Gillespie County Fair, the oldest county fair in Texas, to Oktoberfest. If the German food was not enough to to wet your whistle; Fredericksburg-Stonewall area is also know as the peach capitol of Texas.

Fredericksburg is home to several schools:

Fredericksburg Independent School District

Fredericksburg Christian Academy

Heritage School

St. Mary’s Elementary and Junior High School

Hill Country University Center (Serving Austin Community College and Texas Tech University students)

We are well served by Hill Country Memorial Hospital System named 100 Top Hospitals three years in a row.

It can be a daunting task trying to find a builder or re-modeler for your new home. Choosing a contractor is an important decision. This person should be able to guide you through every step of your project just as your realtor would. It is far to common to hear about a families struggles with shady contractors whether it is cost over runs or below par work. Renovation & Design or Our Facebook is a full in-house home builderharris1. We are a hands on home builder and not a pick up truck contractor. When you contract with us you will know who is working on your property. You will not be inundated with subcontractors that you do not even know. We are a family owned business that is owned by 6th generation Texans. We treat every customer’s project as if it is our own. Business can say that we are the best you can find but our word of mouth referrals back up this claim. We are a company that does not really expect repeat business because we adhere to above acceptable building standards. Your home is our priority but your opinion and if you would recommend our company to your friends and family is our test.

Whether you are looking for a ranch home or a house in the city Renovation & Design Custom Builders will walk you through your building project from the ground up. We provide in-house design service if you need to make your ideas and dreams come alive.

Moving can be daunting in itself. Builders and contractors can be faceless on the good ole interweb. We are not simply a Fredericksburg builder; this is our community and home. There are builders you will find in a yellow page listing and then there are the few that stand out that you find out about through word of mouth. We are so blessed to have current and past customers that are eager to share our family business with family, friend and colleges.

It is our hope that you would contact us when you are ready to begin your exciting journey and become a Texan.


2 thoughts on “So You’ve Decided To Move To The Texas Hill Country

  1. Jeffry Verbeck

    I miss you guys. Saw the post and wanted to leave the army and come back to work with y’all. You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers and I miss y’all so much. Thank you for helping raise me, I learned a lot in all or times together. Hope to see y’all soon. Love you.


    1. sedantzler Post author

      We miss you too Jeff. I can remember one particular summer when it was so hot that it was impossible to work during the day with temps reaching 110 degrees! Lime stone masonry and this kind of heat simply did not mesh well. Breakfast became dinner and dinner became breakfast! We got it done. This is how team work is accomplished. I hope we see you and your family soon. Thank you for your service and know you are in our prayers.



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